Friday, May 21, 2010

My blackberry

I have wanted a Blackberry for so long and now have one. To all the moms out there who run a home business this is the toy to get. This has made my life so much more easier in the past 3 days since I have had it.
I do a lot of social networking around the clock and not always around a computer due to household cleaning, chasing my 16 month old around the house and working on my home business.
My new toy is here and it was so easy to set up and get started. But it sends all me my email updates around the clock, my texts all of my apps like twitter, facebook, myspace and many more.
I am such a kid in a Candy store. My husband said that for the past 3 days I have ignored him which I haven't but he wants me to make a scheduled appointment time to spend time with him. Lol It's my latest addiction.
The little things in life that are fun and bring a smile to your face.


Ms B said...

following back :)

Taryn L. McCracken said...

Isn't it great! I've had my bb since last fall. I had a palm centro before without the internet (so no emails or updates) and I never thought I would ever need that stuff. Now I can't live without it. :P

Danielle said...

Yeah my BB is now my new best friend I can't leave the house without it. Lol

Bob and Snookie said...

this doesn't have anything to do with the subject at hand. I read that you are having a hard time getting pics and such onto your blogger account. I also have a blogger account and I'm finding great success with writing everything, ease of loading pictures WHERE I WANT THEM, writing offline and then just clicking PUBLISH and it all goes to Blogger all with Live Writer. Just go to There is no need to d/l the email stuff, d/l just want you want.

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If you any questions about live writer let me know and I'll help you if I can.

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