Friday, September 16, 2011


I just wanted to let anyone who reads my blog that I am now apart of AmeriPlan. AmeriPlan offers discounted Dental Plans and Health Plans for individuals and families. These are fantastic plans to have because you can use them alongside with your current health insurance or if you don't have any insurance. These plans are huge savings!!! They are very low in monthly costs and you don't have to sign a contract of any kind.
Now only can you use this as a discounted plan but you can also start a home business with this company as well. You can work part-time or Full time. Work at your own pace.
Please visit if your interested in working from home.
If your interested in AmeriPlan's discounted Plans visit

Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Partnership

Some quick marriage tips that you can do every week, month, yearly.
- Take a walk together.
- Read a newspaper or a book together.
- Enjoy a sunset together.
- Laugh until it hurts together.
- Listen to romantic music together.
- watch your favorite movie together.
- Cook a meal together.
- Sit together on the same couch and cuddle.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Please help me spread the word

To everyone who reads my blog I would love,love some help from everyone.
I am trying to promote my hubby's website that he has just finished. I want to show him how much I am proud of him of what he has done. I am asking help from everyone to just visit his site and check it out. Its mainly a site for men to hang out in. Sign up for free giveaways, play free games. I myself have signed up for some prizes and played some games on the site to just really check it out.
The website is Plus with this website hopefully he can make enough to replace his day job at one point to be home more with his family.
Please help me spread the word to your hubby's and friends!!! Thank you all!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Need some Advice Ladies!

I am going to start potty training my little one and need some advice on how to get started and where to begin.
I have read many many blogs on potty training and tons of articles on how to get started. I have many family members giving me tips but none has worked at this point. My son is 20 months old. He is showing signs of moving to the next step. He will let me know when he has a dirty diaper. His diaper is dry when waking up. From everything that I have read those are good starting points. I also have heard boys are a little bit more on the slower on when it comes to P.T.

I recently have been accepted to school and I start in Sept. I would like to get my son some what potty trained from now until school starts. Or at least get him started in the right direction.
Any helpful tips is much needed and very appreciated!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

7 tips for making Love last

Although the mystery of love may never be fully explained, there are some common threads running through good relationships.
There are seven tips on making a relationship work. They are as follows:
1. Self-acceptance and personal Growth
2.Good Communication
3. Ability to face conflict effectively
4. Realistic expectations
6. Shared Dreams and/or interests
7. Appreciation to each other.

Many relationships fail because the people don't love themselves. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. There are things you have to accept as YOU and love yourself before you can do the same with your partner.

You have to be able to discuss anything with your partner. You have to be will to listen to your partner. I have heard people say you talk to much. Well its a great thing to talk. Its a basic foundation in your relationship.

Tackle crises together as one. Life is life things will happen unexpectedly and you both have to decide what is best for the both of you.

Don't expect something out of your relationship that is not going to happen. Love is not all fairy tales and butterflies. Have realistic expectations for your mate, relationship and yourself.

Couples who are committed to working together on their changing and evolving relationship have the best chance of maintaining their love and their growth. Every relationship will encounter some difficult times. But the commitment to yourself, to your partner and to your relationship will get you through.

The more interest you take in your partner or spouse the more you will get out of your relationship. You will enjoy your time together and have more enjoyable conversations. You dreams are the same you both will be together but want different things and that is ok.

In relationships we hit a comfort zone where some people think well I married her or him and I don't have to impress or really try anymore. Well thats a wrong way of thinking. Once couples get into that way of thinking you neglect him or her.
Being appreciating seems an easy thing to do. Most couples you talk to will say that they feel as though they are taken for granted.
Think about it what have you done to make your spouse feel appreciated lately? Make an effort to make them feel appreciated.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So I know everyone who has watched TV at some point keep hearing or seeing commericals about the Refresh of Pepsi. Which is a program that gives away a certain amount of money to a foundation. It started in Feb of this year. It has help in many different areas from daycares, school, healthcare, saving animals, veterans and so on.
Its free to sign up with them and vote on what you feel deserves the money. You get 10 votes a day and I just finished my votes for the day.
I thought I would share this information with you. Here is the link
Check it out its well worth your time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Few Days

The past few days have been unexpectedly busy. My husband had left work earlier than expected to. Which is great because I knew he would be working the next 4 days straight 16 hour shifts. No fun. Dawson and I won't get to see much of him.
However the past few days we just family days. Derek and I yesterday weeded our garden it soo needed it bad. We planted our tomato plants into the Topsy Turvey which this year is the first to do so. So we will see how they turn out. Let me mention by the way that I didn't know they were so sensitive when transplanting them from one location to another. I thought we had killed our tomato plants when we were finally done but they perked up after 6 hours. I usually make homemade salsa and speghetti sauce every year. Huge savings!!
So we moved different plants around to make sure we had enough room for everything to grow. We did however had to pull up 8 tomato plants that had been growing from last years plants that never came up. That was a bummer.
We played the Wii! Its so funny we can play for hours and then the next day we have Wiiitis is what we call it. We feel like we did a huge workout the night before because we really get into it.
Then today me wanting to up date my blog about relationship stuff I ended up getting side tracked by reading all the amazing blogs I follow. I entered so many GiveAways! I love it.
Everyone have a great day!!

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