Monday, May 24, 2010

Just One Click A Day

To some of my followers I would love if you helped me save the Rain forest,help save animals and Breast Cancer.. I have buttons on the bottom right corner of my blog page that say click. One is for the rain forest and just one click a day will save so many square feet each day you click. Its 100% free all you have to do is click daily.
I also have Breast Cancer Button and Help Save the animals. Just a daily click will help and its free it takes 2-3 mins of your time to help with the world.
As a Vet Tech I have a passion saving and helping. I am not wealthy and can't donate millions of dollars to help the world. But one click a day is so helpful.
Will you please help me by clicking on the buttons once a day! It will help make a difference. A day at a time.


Heather said...

will do!
I'm a new follower thanks to MBC!

GumDropSwap said...

following from MBC Under 100 Club. Pls visit and return the favor.

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