Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Please help me spread the word

To everyone who reads my blog I would love,love some help from everyone.
I am trying to promote my hubby's website that he has just finished. I want to show him how much I am proud of him of what he has done. I am asking help from everyone to just visit his site and check it out. Its mainly a site for men to hang out in. Sign up for free giveaways, play free games. I myself have signed up for some prizes and played some games on the site to just really check it out.
The website is Plus with this website hopefully he can make enough to replace his day job at one point to be home more with his family.
Please help me spread the word to your hubby's and friends!!! Thank you all!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Need some Advice Ladies!

I am going to start potty training my little one and need some advice on how to get started and where to begin.
I have read many many blogs on potty training and tons of articles on how to get started. I have many family members giving me tips but none has worked at this point. My son is 20 months old. He is showing signs of moving to the next step. He will let me know when he has a dirty diaper. His diaper is dry when waking up. From everything that I have read those are good starting points. I also have heard boys are a little bit more on the slower on when it comes to P.T.

I recently have been accepted to school and I start in Sept. I would like to get my son some what potty trained from now until school starts. Or at least get him started in the right direction.
Any helpful tips is much needed and very appreciated!

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