Saturday, May 29, 2010

Couple Time Should Be A Priority

How many couples now a days spend good quality time together? Some do and some could careless. Which category do you and your partner or spouse fall in? With today's crazy lifestyle booked with a full schedule it's hard to do some days.
Most couples have high demands such as juggling a career, going to school, children, school activities, family time. I could give a huge list but you get the point.
With a full pact day this leaves very few hours to spend with your significant other.
Here are some tips that might help with everyday's busy schedules.
Everyone has house work and yes it has to be done. But why do most women have to do it? Men can help. Instead of thinking your spouse will not help ASK for it. Cook dinner together make it a fun time to talk about your day. Your weekend plans, family trips you make take in the near future. Fold laundry together yes it has to be done but there is time to sit and chat.
Most household someone goes to the gym make it a couple thing. Find a babysitter and go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week.
Get another couple to go out to dinner make it a double date where you have friends to chat with but yet also being with your spouse.
The more "Quality" time that you invest and make a priority the happier your relationship will be.
Simple things to daily that does mean a lot show interest in your partner, kiss one another, hug each other be appreciative.
Of course I can't leave out the bedroom scene. This is a must make time for Sex! This is your time to really connect with your partner. Enjoy one another. You have to have that physical intimacy it's important to keep your marriage and relationship alive.
So when was the last time you spent "Quality" time with your spouse or partner?
Here is your time to make time!


Vivianne's Vista said...

I just got married and my hubby and I have already found it difficult to have couple time. I feel the loss of our date nights. Your advise is absolutely right on point! Stopping by from FFF at MBC. Now following!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminders! =)

i'm new to blogging, so stop by and let me know what you think!

The Life Of A Mom Of A Diabetic Child said...

Ya know, I have been married for nearly 6 years now. Since we had our first child, I have been feeling as if the "couple quality time" thing has really done a 360 spin. I won't lie, I do still CRAVE the alone time with my husband. However, after reading your post, I realize that we do still spend "Quality" time together, even if we have kids running around the house, pulling on our pant legs, and playing 20 questions LOL. While, I still will always crave the alone time Ive always cherished with my husband, the few times I actually DO get alone with him, when both my children are spending the night with my inlaws, I think it helps me to appreciate that time even more now. Thank you for the tips! I have been doing many of them, however you have helped to give me even more ideas. Keep them coming!

MessyMissy said...

Sometimes it's so hard to make/take the time....but you're right, it's so important. Now following from MBC, you can find me at said...

We get some couple time...but yours sound great=)Thanks...

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