Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Few Days

The past few days have been unexpectedly busy. My husband had left work earlier than expected to. Which is great because I knew he would be working the next 4 days straight 16 hour shifts. No fun. Dawson and I won't get to see much of him.
However the past few days we just family days. Derek and I yesterday weeded our garden it soo needed it bad. We planted our tomato plants into the Topsy Turvey which this year is the first to do so. So we will see how they turn out. Let me mention by the way that I didn't know they were so sensitive when transplanting them from one location to another. I thought we had killed our tomato plants when we were finally done but they perked up after 6 hours. I usually make homemade salsa and speghetti sauce every year. Huge savings!!
So we moved different plants around to make sure we had enough room for everything to grow. We did however had to pull up 8 tomato plants that had been growing from last years plants that never came up. That was a bummer.
We played the Wii! Its so funny we can play for hours and then the next day we have Wiiitis is what we call it. We feel like we did a huge workout the night before because we really get into it.
Then today me wanting to up date my blog about relationship stuff I ended up getting side tracked by reading all the amazing blogs I follow. I entered so many GiveAways! I love it.
Everyone have a great day!!


Miranda said...

How fun, sounds like you guys had a good time, even though you were busy!

New reader/follower!


Kathleen said...

Great post hun! I haven't had much luck in this department, but your advice is wonderful. Thank-you for visiting me and I am now following you as well.


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